Telephone Sales Tips – Stay in The Conversation

telephone-sales-tipsI was on a sales call the other day and within two minutes of describing the benefits of my company’s services, the client turned me down flat. I was tempted to cut my losses and move on, but a very important thing happened – my prospect kept talking. There are lots of telephone sales tips – what to say, how to say it, tone of voice…etc. However, sometimes just listening and letting the prospect talk can have positive results…

While he was talking he kept pointing out the issues he was having and complaining quite a bit. These types of prospects are often seen as difficult, time-consuming and generally not worth it. The reality is that these types of sales prospects are fantastic – why? – because they have problems. It’s our job to fix them.

In this particular case, at the appropriate times I interjected something positive about our products and services. After 10 minutes or so, he flipped from complaining to problem solving. He began to see that there were some simple, easy, and valuable answers to his concerns. Once we got to this point, the close happened naturally.

Telephone sales tips and skills are important, but so is allowing your prospects to come to their own conclusions. Rather then trying to “pitch” them with a fancy sales presentation, let the conversation flow, validate their concerns, and stay positive. In short, if your prospect keeps talking, keep listening for the opportunities to insert the key points of how you can help solve their pain points. Then close the deal.

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By Theo

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