Telephone Sales Skills – Selling On The Spot

telephone-sales-skills-distractionsHow many times have you hung up on a sales call and realized you completely blew the chance to close the deal? You said the wrong things. You weren’t listening to the buyer. You simply lost what you knew was a sure sale. Why did this happen? How often does it happen? Telephone sales skills don’t come naturally. To be really good on the phone, it requires training and focus.

True sales professionals take advantage of every opportunity. They rarely blow a sure sale. Why is this? It’s because they are focused every single time they have a chance to sell. They are prepared to “sell on the spot.” I often hear sales people talk about sales they’ve lost, but they have no clue why it happened. Instead of engaging in some sales training, they repeat the same mistakes over and over – it doesn’t have to be this way.

To get the best results, be prepared every single time you engage a buyer. If you are making an outbound call – prepare for the call. Know who you are calling and understand what their needs may be and run through potential objections in your head before you make the call. If you are taking an inbound call – be ready for that call. Don’t be distracted by instant messages, Twitter, or FaceBook. Listen to the buyer, and think before you speak.

Being “in the moment” for every sales opportunity will ensure you will not blow sales that you should be closing.

What are your thoughts? Do you have on the spot Telephone Sales Skills?

By DH/Theo


  1. lesther ottens says:

    love this post, very true, its about listening to the client and being engaged in the conversation.

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