Telephone Sales Skills – Can You Smile?

Sales SkillsGood telephone sales skills are a real art form. They require the ability to use only your voice and ears (versus using voice, ears, body language, visual ques, charts, graphs…etc). Because we’re so visual, and because the telephone is a critical sales instrument, we need to ensure we’re getting our message across as well as hearing our client’s concerns. One particular sales technique that will take your telephone sales skills to new heights is smiling while you speak on the phone.

This may seem like an awkward task – it’s not. It’s a time-tested sales technique that allows you to project pleasantness. It will help you inflect better to make your point. It will help you to relax so you can hear what your client is or isn’t saying. It will help keep you positive.

At times, you may not feel like smiling. That’s okay. Just curl your cheeks up and talk. You’ll hear the tonal changes in your voice. Remember, when you’re smiling at someone it makes them feel good. It also encourages them to like you, which is handy when selling given that your sales conversion rates will plummet if your customers don’t like you.

If you want to enhance your telephone sales skills, add this smiling tip to your sales training regimen. It’s easy to learn. Some sales people use a mirror so they can watch themselves while they’re speaking on the phone. Others hang reminder notes. You can also practice with a friend. Have a conversation with and without smiling and see if your buddy notices.

Good luck, good selling!

Have a sales technique or tip to share…?

By Theo


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