Good Telephone Sales Skills

good-telephone-sales-skillsDo you ever have 30, 40 or 80 sales calls to make and just start dialing? Perhaps you had a busy week and you let them build up. Now you just want to power through them? If the answer is “guilty,” your success rate will be minimal and you’ll waste your time. Good telephone sales skills start with the right attitude. (Notice we didn’t say “sales time management”). Too many salespeople make calls because they “have to” not because they want to. How can you avoid this?

Sales calls are obviously an important component of a successful sales career. Yet so many lack even the basics of telephone sales skills. While we can extol the benefits of sales training and practicing telephone techniques, the next time you catch yourself  “power dialing” try this: re-frame the concept of your sales call. In other words, before you pick up the phone, get in the right mental attitude. You can do this by taking a quick walk around the office, stretching – waking yourself up!

Also, think of the calls that have gone well. Run them over in your mind. Next, we want to get enthusiastic about our product and/or service. When we try to speed dial our way through the day our prospects can tell, always. Rather than trying to just get it done, know and understand your client’s pain point and reach out to help.

With the right mental focus and attitude, making calls can and should be fun. If the above isn’t motivating you, remember that good telephone sales skills is often the differentiating factor between being a top performer or just another middle of the road sales professional. Think about it.


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