You Can’t Fall To The Top

Sales TrainingAs sales professionals we need to be the ones to recharge our spirits. We need to take charge of ourselves and keep ourselves motivated. But how? Some days are such a grind it’s hard to even think positively let alone get fired up. Below are a few thoughts to help with this.

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that, while team work is great, and partnerships are wonderful, leaders (sales people) are often alone. As leaders, it’s tempting to shift responsibility back to others, or to rely on others for answers. Now, I’m not advocating for a maverick approach where we don’t seek advice or sales training. Rather, the reality is that we need to find solutions – we need to think “How can I fix this.” Not – “somebody needs to fix this!”

Rather than complain, we need to be the ones that say (regardless of how difficult the circumstances) “What can I do right now to improve my sales performance?” What type of sales training exercises (sales presentation training, telephone sales, or motivational) can I practice right now. How can I take responsibility for my sales career?

To put this another way, The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there. That man embarked on a journey. Not a grind. Not a struggle. A journey. Just this subtle shift in our language can shift our minds – can free our minds. Do you know what happens when we’re thinking positively, and freely? We have amazing outbursts of energy, focus, and enthusiasm. These are the ingredients to successful selling.

Enjoy the brief sales motivation video below. It has some great quotes from a variety of sources that show us sales people the incredible power that we posses, and the wonderful journey that is before us.

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