Will This Year Be Any Different?

Sales GoalsAs we wind down another year and begin to reflect on this year’s sales performance, what will we see? Did we hit our quota? Did we hit the goals we said we were going to hit? Did we even write these goals down? How will we improve for next year?

I had a friend tell me recently that writing down goals is the single most important thing he does to ensure his success. Now, I scoffed at this a bit, as, quite frankly, I keep a lot in my head. Sure, I write some stuff down, but I assume that my goals are safe in my head – that, someday, they’ll come to life.

The trouble with this approach is that when my goals are in my head they get mixed in with the other stuff that’s in there. I may set a goal to get up early so I can capture more international leads and sales, but the other thoughts in my head say, no, no, no, you were up late last night, hit the snooze button.

When goals are on paper, they force us to recognize them for what they are – Nasty Reminders of the commitment we made to ourselves, as Victor Antonio points out. They’re nasty because they say, dude, you’re not keeping your promise! This is good! Goals that are written down are external – they can’t get muddled with our inner thoughts and rationalization.

When we try to keep our goals in our heads, we’ll rationalize ourselves right out of the success that is right in front of us. Let’s make a goal (a pact) to end this year strong, and then set some aggressive goals for next year.

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