Selling More By Doing Nothing

Of all the sales tips and techniques, one of my favorites is to do nothing. Let me explain. As sales professionals, we push ourselves to succeed. Sales training is important to us, we read, and we’re always on the lookout to improve our edge. This is good, to a point.

There comes a time when no amount of information will move us from point A to point B. We need to chill. We need to trust that we’ve done what we can now, and that what we’re striving for will come. We may not be ready for the next level. We may not even see it yet. That’s okay. It will come.

Recently, I’ve started taking brisk walks in the woods near my office building. There are lots of reasons I do this (exercise, clear my head, get out of the office…etc), but the most important reason is to recharge. If I keep pushing, I’ll run out of juice faster than my laptop.

On these walks I “try” to focus on the present. I listen to the sound of my breath, the rustling of the leaves, the wind. I smell the air. I look at the trees and landscape and just take it in. Sometimes I just focus on the rhythmic pattern of my walking.

What am I doing? Nothing. I am just being.

How does this benefit my sales? Down time allows me to re-engage refreshed and recharged. My blood has been circulated. My muscles and joints loosened. I feel good. I’ve had some of me best calls, ideas, revelations, and moments after these times of doing nothing.

What do you think? What do you do to recharge?

~ Theo

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