Sell More Without Working Harder

Sales TrainingHow many times have you seen someone in your office or on your sales team who is going about things the wrong way? I’m sure you see it all the time, it’s part of working with a diverse group of people. It’s harder when you see someone you know who is smart, intelligent, and skilled acting like an amateur – in some cases a novice. It drives me crazy! Why are they succumbing to average?

Are these sales professionals making a choice to be mediocre? They’re clearly skilled in sales techniques, yet they take shortcuts which leads to lost sales and profits.

When trying to work with someone like this I find the first response is the “yes” mentality. They typically agree with you on everything you say and commit to making changes and doing their best. I walk away from these conversations hoping rather than believing they’re committed to being a pro. Sure enough, little to no changes take place.

The second stage is indignation and overly bold justifications for their actions. A typical response is, “Hey, this is how I sell! It works and I’m implementing best practices at times, but it’s not easy when you get busy or when leads are down…”(blame, blame, blame). When confronted with the truth (their lagging sales numbers), salespeople can tend to lash out and justify rather than face the reality to see what can be done.

In short, they are making it clear that they are choosing to do things their way and are happy with the results. But are they really satisfied? They’re essentially saying, “The truth is too painful so I’m going to keep doing things my way even though I feel substandard and am making less money.”

Interestingly, during these sales training discussions, sales people think they’re being asked to put in more hours. They’re not – they could probably work less. With simple changes and sticking to the basics, these sales people can sell more without doing anymore work.

My question is this – what is the next step? How do you get through to this sales person? How can you get a seasoned salesperson to realize they could be getting better results with the SAME amount of work or LESS with some focus and avoiding shortcuts? As a sales professional reading this, what would you do?

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