Sales Training – What Does it Take to Win?

Sales training is like any other kind of training. If you want to excel you have to work hard. Just as an athlete needs to increase endurance by training, we need to work at getting better at salesmanship…

Imagine if we continually strived to find new and innovative ways to overcome objections. What would happen if we regularly sharpened our presentation sales skills – perhaps in front of our peers, in the mirror, into a digital recorder? How powerful would we become if we fought to exceed our comfort zone and practice the sales techniques that overwhelm us? How much better at sales would we be if we always pushed the envelope?

Why all the questions? Because these are just a few of the sales techniques that make ordinary salespeople extraordinary. The following short video clip illustrates this well.


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What do you think? What’s it take to be extraordinary in sales?

By Theo

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