Sales Training – What Do We Expect?

When we think of Sales Training, what comes to mind? Is it sales seminars, training videos, or having a sales manager hover over you? There is a lot of negative press about sales training – is it worth it, does it actually do anything to increase sales? Is it worth our time and investment? Here are a few thoughts…

First, sales training is not a one-time event. It is an ongoing, ever-changing process to bring professional sales people to higher levels of success. Will sales training work for everyone? It’ll work for every sale person, but not everyone is a sales person. Some folks think they are, but they’re more order takers than anything else. Order Taking is answering only the questions the customers asks of you, selling only when the customer says they are ready to buy. A sales professional asks many questions (qualifying), presents a products in a way that makes sense for the customer’s needs (provides value) and asks for the sale every time (selling).

Do the lessons from sales training stick? Not if they’re not practiced. We can’t expect to run five miles a day without training for it, how can we expect sales techniques to stick without practice. We need to always be training – looking for new and creative ways to close one more deal. Reading sales tips and techniques from other pros is very helpful. Watching videos, listening to others, and keeping a close watch on changing customer demands and expectations helps us maximize our close rate.

But is all of this type of sales training worth it? It depends on what we expect from it. If we think our sales will double, think again. But if our close rate increases 5%-10%-20% from sales training, as it can, then do the math. 110 sales versus 100 sales has a significant impact on our wallets. Sales Training is key  to learn different qualifying techniques, learning how to present products and provide value, and learning how to close the sale.

What do you think about sales training?

By Theo/DH

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