Sales Training – The Best Method

sales-training-techniquesSales training is often ignored. We get comfortable. The numbers look good. But then something happens. Prospects no longer respond as they did. Fewer people call back. Bonus checks are smaller. What does this have to do with sales training?

Recently, I noticed that my email campaigns were not performing as they had in the past. I got fewer and fewer responses. As a result, I was closing less business. This is a problem. I tried a variety of sales techniques and used different formats in my sales presentation, but the responses were still lower than I liked. What did I do? I asked for help!

Part of my sales training is working closely with other sales professionals to find out what works and what doesn’t. I sent my standard email that had worked so well for 2-3 years to a sales friend – he hated it! We worked together, did some research, discussed the pros and cons and came up with an entirely new approach. I’m currently testing this new email now.

The point is that as good as one may be, it’s dangerous to be a maverick. Sales professionals have egos – big ones. Yet ego will only stifle one’s full sales potential. It’s important to share sales experiences, tips, and advice. Whether we’re giving, receiving, or collaborating, exploring sales techniques with one’s peers is a fantastic way to sharpen sales skills.

What are your thoughts on Sales Training?

By Theo

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