Sales Training – How Important is Customer Service?

sales-training-jpg_0We’ve all had good and bad customer service experiences. They both have lasting memories. I was reminded of this recently during a negative experience with a sales representative who clearly lacked even the basics of sales training. I thought I would contrast this with a great experience. The results are profound for sales professionals.

The recent bad service came from a state-of-the-art repair center that needed to perform an extremely simple task on my vehicle. Not only did they fail in the task, but the customer service bordered on rude – if it wasn’t so laughable. In terms of sales training, they got everything wrong from reception to completion. The details are not important. What’s important is that despite the convenience of this business to my home I will not be returning – and I’ll tell my friends and family not to return as well.

The great customer service experience came from a dry-cleaner, of all places. There’s nothing fancy about the place. The storefront is average looking, and the decor is dated. However, the first time I dropped my clothes off I was greeted by a smiling, efficient, and responsive clerk. Upon pick up (5 days later), she saw me walking across the parking lot and had my clothes ready for me when I came in (this experience occurs to this day). This simple act speaks volumes: an incredible memory, attention to detail, efficiency, hardworking, quality, respect, pride – customer service. I doubt she’s had any sales training. I tell my friends to go out of their way just to get their dry-cleaning done at this location.

How important is customer service to your sales career?

Do you incorporate customer service skills into your sales training?

By Theo

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