Sales Training 101

dont_give_up.jpgSo you are ¾ of the way through the month and not even at 50% of your sales quota. What do you do? Let’s start with what you don’t do. It’s the most basic principal of sales training which so many sales people forget – don’t give up.  Part of your job as a sales person, and possibly the most important part, is to keep yourself motivated.

If your attitude dips you can easily fall into the sales deathtrap. As the negativity seeps into your mind it comes out in your voice and body language. Every single one of your customers will notice and you’ll drive them away.

What can you do? Stay positive and look at how you are approaching your sales cycle. Now is a perfect time to mix it up and try something different. For example (and this is one of hundreds) if you haven’t practiced in front of a mirror – do it. Put one on top of your computer and make sure you have a smile on your face through an entire sales call – where appropriate – of course. You get the idea. Train yourself to be positive and fight through the negativity.

Have faith that if you work your hardest/smartest that things will come around for you.  Sales is a continual growing process. Staying positive while struggling to hit your numbers is just another hurdle you need to get over. And when you conquer this hurdle, you’ve just guaranteed more sales. Because no matter how bad the month is going, every single lead and every single call could be your next sale!


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