Sales Techniques – Sales Training!

sales_training_tips.jpgSo there’s a new sales person in the office. What does this mean for you? For most salespeople it means absolutely nothing, but for the best of the best it presents a great opportunity. A new salesperson needs a mentor and good sales techniques for success. You can provide the direction and sales tips necessary. Why should you do this?

I am not suggesting you embark on a massive sales training exercise and jeopardize your valuable time. However, you can certainly show the new guy how and why you do things while you are doing it. Invite them to come sit with you. Talk as you work so he can see what you do and how you do it. Discuss sales techniques, strategies, training methods – this will help keep you sharp and enhance your own sales skills.

The end result is that by taking the time to explain your sales process, you will come up with new ideas and ways to do things that will help your own sales. As the new sales person develops, you will also see how they have interpreted your sales methods and adapted them to their own techniques. You may in fact learn something from the “new guy.”

Bottom line – any time you have a chance to teach someone about your selling styles and techniques it reinforces and strengthens what you do. Seize these training opportunities and you will take your sales to even greater heights.



  1. business sales training says:

    Agreed. Helping “the new guy” is beneficial in numerous ways. If sharing your knowledge helps someone else to grow it’s very rewarding.

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