Sales Presentation Training – Heal The Pain

sales-presentation-training.gifSales presentation training starts with understanding your customer’s pain. Do you know “why” your customer has come to you? If your answer is just to sell them something, read on.

Every sales call is because there is a problem that needs to be solved.

The customer is in PAIN:

• They need more business
• They need to run more efficiently
• They are looking to save money
• They need new ideas

Whatever the reason is – it is your job to find the customer’s pain and help take it away. When you avoid the sales pitch and make a professional sales presentation that addresses the pain points – you close deals!

How can you do this? Ask probing questions that zero in on their needs, wants, and desires. Once you have done this, you can tailor your presentation to accommodate your client’s needs and position your product in a way that takes away their pain. This takes training. You have to think like your client – not a sales person.

Too many sales people just pitch their product without understanding where their customer is coming from. This outdated sales technique is sure to get you the brush off. However, by understanding the pain points you can be the customer’s advocate, offering solutions that solve their problems.

To use this technique effectively, you not only have to be an expert in your field, but also take the time to probe and understand your customer before positioning your product. Do this and you will close more sales.



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