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email-sales-techniquesLately, we’ve been talking a lot about sales presentation skills. This is a great topic and an area where we sales people can always improve. While we often think of PowerPoint and “decks”, or presenting in front of a group of prospects, sometimes the most basic tools get overlooked. Your main method of communication to your clients is often your email presentation. Your emails need to be just as polished as your best marketing materials…

How many times have you seen an email and thought to yourself – what was this person thinking? The body of the message is usually disastrous, but the most serious and most often overlooked email blunder is a weak subject line. Too often the subject line is: “Follow up,” “Hi,” “materials attached,” “opportunity,” or “your own company’s name”. Or, worst of all, there’s no subject line – it’s left blank. This type of correspondence screams amateur! and does little to motivate your prospect or steer the sales process.

In contrast, a good subject line peaks interest, gets a prospect’s attention, and most importantly gets the emailed opened. Just as the title of this article got your interest enough to read it, we need to make sure our subject line sends a message all by itself. But what makes a good subject line? The most important consideration relates to the prospects concerns. What do they care about? If your prospect is human, they care about themselves and their company. So why not highlight these two critical facts into the subject line.

Subject: John Doe, ABC Corporation

I don’t know about you, but I feel pretty good when a company addresses me by my full name followed by my company name. I feel respected, proud, honored, and gosh-darned important. What you put after the prospects full name and company should be something that summarizes your email message. Example:

Subject: John Doe, ABC Corporation (Introductory Meeting). Or John Doe, ABC Corporation (Incentive Program).

When your subject line leads with this you’ve guaranteed two things. The first is your open rate will skyrocket. The second is you’ve addressed the most important things your prospect cares about. Moreover, you’ve also increased the likelihood of getting your email opened even if it goes to spam. Putting your prospects name (correctly spelled) in the subject line acts like a flashing light even among hundreds of spam emails. Your prospects eyes will hone right in on it.

Of course, depending on the relationship with your prospect or client, as well as your industry, the subject line will need to be adjusted accordingly. For example, there will be times when you have no name or company name. In these cases, focus on what they’ve inquired about (if they reached out to you) or what they “may” be interested in given their/your industry. Example: Your Inquiry (Limited Time Sale on Widgets)

The subject line, as well as the body of the email, should always be about your prospect. Avoid writing “our products” and “we are the leading so-and-so.” Your client doesn’t care – seriously! They’re only interested in how your product and/or service will help them. Understanding this simple fact is the core of sales presentation skills. Take the time to create a good subject line and you’ll maximize the chances of your email being opened. The subject line is the first and most important step of the email message. Get it right and you’ll close more sales.

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By Theo & DH

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