Sales Presentation Skills – Follow Up or Let Go

sales-presentation-skillsSo you just finished your sales presentation – you raised the issues, demonstrated the solutions, addressed the objections, and moved to close the sale. However, your prospect won’t budge. Now what? This is an important question. The answer will be very different for each prospect and/or each product you sell. You’ll need to determine if you should follow up, or let them go…

If you are going to follow up, you need to have a plan. This takes skill, but within your sales presentation come to an agreement with your customer on “next steps.” Ensure you have a specific time and reason for follow up. If your customer is resistant to this then you may want to just let this one go.

It’s frustrating when we don’t close sales and it’s hard to let a prospect go. However, you can channel every failed sales presentation into something positive. In other words, lost sales can be fantastic tools to really hone our sales techniques, allowing us to continually improve our sales skills – so stay positive! While we can’t expect to close 100% of every lead, we can ensure we’re working to maximize our close rate 100% of the time.

Looking at what we might have done wrong and then learning new sales negotiation skills takes hard work and practice. We have to review our sales skills objectively – are we as good as we think we are or is there room for improvement? What can we do differently? Did we build enough rapport? Did we qualify the customer? Did we accurately identify the pain points and offer the right solution?

If we can get our pride out of the way we can start learning and making some real money! We do however, need the discipline for sales training. Learning to negotiate effectively and presenting our products is like learning a new language – you must get immersed in it. Here’s a fantastic sales tip to get started: set a goal to read at least one sales book per month. Then, implement one strategy or technique during the month. By educating yourself and trying new ideas you will develop quickly. In no time you’ll make powerful and fluid sales presentations and you’ll be equipped with the sales techniques needed to maximize results.

Should you follow up or let a prospect go? Circumstances and common sense will dictate the best course of action. We do need to be careful of getting bogged down with too many marginal prospects that “might” pan out. Out of 100 leads most sales people will make presentations to 20. Of those 20, a good sales person will close 5. Once you have accomplished your 5 sales it’s time for another 100 leads.

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By DH, Theo

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