Sales Management Training – Stop Order Taking!

Sales Management Training and TechniquesDo you ever say to your customers “let me talk to my manager?  Or, “let me see if my manager will do that” in response to an offer for your product? If you do, stop immediately, otherwise you have just become an order taker. As part of your sales management training consider the following…

When you tell your customer you have to check with your boss, you’ve just revealed you are not the decision maker and are merely presenting what sales management tells you to present. Of the many sales techniques available this is an opportune time to become your customer’s advocate. You want to position yourself to be on their side and work with them to solve their pain.

How do you do this? Talk to your sales prospect about your past experience in working with offers and how you have had success at certain price points. Push your client to get to that price level with value statements. Let them know you will do your best and get back to them with an answer shortly. Sales management training is about empowering you! Your customer should always feel that you are the only person they need to talk to in order to get the deal done.

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