Sales Management Training – Focus!

Sales Management TrainingDid you ever look at your monthly quota and ask yourself how the heck am I going to hit this month? Sales management requires every sales professional to assess his or her goals each month. Often seeds of doubt are sowed and the doom and gloom scenarios start playing around in your head. There’s no time for this negativity. Instead, try some simple sales management training techniques…

Sales management starts with the process of setting a monthly sales goal (usually a quota and its accelerators) and calculating how many prospects you must reach in order to generate the required business to hit the target. It’s simple math: $90,000 quota/30 days in the month equals $3,000 per day. Or, $90,000 quota/20 working days in the month equals $4,500 per day. By breaking down your goals into manageable amounts you can avoid the doom and gloom, get to work more focused, and track your progress.

Once your sales quota is set, your first priority is to get to work. Block off time to reach out to your prospects. Remember that there is a difference between activity and productivity. You cannot sell to your fellow sales professionals so keep conversations to a minimum during prime selling times. Your second priority is to work the leads in your sales funnel. Keep track of your conversations, emails, twits, etc. This is essential. Quotas are hit or missed as a result of your effort during this step – this is all part of sales management training. Lastly, post your revenue goals in big letters where you will see it everyday. This will help keep you focused on your goal so you can hit it!

Good luck this month!


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