Motivational Sales Training – Get Out of Your Rut

Sales TechniquesSales training generally focuses on sales techniques, negotiation strategies, and a host of sales presentation skills. This is all great – and much needed. However, many sales people find themselves in an emotional rut. In other words, regardless of how good a sales technique is, if a sales person can’t present it in a healthy and positive way, it’s useless…

I was never one to focus on emotions – happy or sad. It was all business day in and day out. While I was still very successful, it was leading me down the path of burnout. It was not sustainable. To make and enjoy my sales career, my sales training had to include an infusion of positive, motivational, and uplifting aspects.

Positive people, mentors, books, and engaging with other sales professionals has become the center of my sales training. Even short videos, like the one below, remind me that “it’s up to me.” So much in life is blamed on extenuating circumstances – this only hurts our sales by crushing our spirits and losing our focus. Get out of the rut and enjoy…

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By Theo

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