Increase Your Sales With Your Posture

Sales TechniquesI stumbled across a great TED talk by social scientist, Amy Cuddy. She talks about the role of posture (non-verbal communication) and how it’s a great predictor for a variety of things – elections, success in a job interview…etc. It’s also a predictor of who can sell and who can’t based on the confidence one’s posture exudes. In sales, we’re taught to instill confidence and to have confidence in our products. However, our non-verbal communication often shows we lack this confidence.

We may think in our heads that our product is the best, but we may not believe it in our core. For example, we may make a very effective sales presentation that a Mercedes-Benz is the best car in the world. However, in our hearts, we absolutely love Lexus – the engineering, the styling, the quality. What car is better? It’s up to you, really. If Lexus is your car, you’ll bring that “presence” to your sales posture. If it’s not, it’ll show.

What we mean by posture is not a cocky guy with his feet up on his desk – this is just rude and it suggests a lack of humility in one’s leadership and sales approach. Rather, by posture we mean one of openness and confidence. Think about it. When we’re really behind something, we become an amazing combination of characteristics. We’re relaxed, yet passionate. We’re calm, yet excited. We’re understanding, yet persistent.

In some sales environments, take furniture sales, we may not be crazy about a customer’s choice. Perhaps we don’t like couches with floral patterns. What can we do? We can use positive posture and body language. We can mimic the customer’s body language and excitement. We can draw from our own experience and knowledge of how it’s so great to do business with our store. We can talk about quality. The list goes on.

We’ve all heard the expression Fake It Until You Make It. In the talk below, Cuddy suggests a better strategy – Fake It Until You Become It.

What do you think? Do you think posture effects your sales? Try the 2-minute Wonder Women pose before your next sales call and let us now.

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