Who Are You Selling?

SellingWe’ve all heard the sales tip that, “The customer buys you.” That is, you’re the face, the representative of your company. Trust begins with you. You are the front line. You are the difference between your competitors. The key lesson here is “you.” Yet, as sales people, we’re very quick to highlight the features and benefits of our company rather than “you.”

Here are some examples that, at some point in the conversation, usually too early, and off point, sales reps will spout off in an attempt to build trust and value:

  • We’ve been in business 10+ years
  • We’re the leading provider of such and such
  • We’re the largest independent manufacturer of such and such
  • We’re a fortune (insert number) company

The customer’s unspoken response to sales lines like these is, “So what?”. In other words, if prospects are truly buying you, then why are you highlighting company features?

How about using something like the following…

  • I’ve been with the company for a year and I absolutely love it! How can I make your day today!
  • I am so excited to be part of such a cutting-edge company that gets to help people like you!
  • As an employee of a very large company, I love that I get to put customers first!
  • I am so glad to be working for such a well-respected and award-winning company that allows me to offer you the best of class in products and services.

Use your own words of course and be authentic. In short, these latter examples make a relational connection versus the wasted-words we say about our company. Connect with the prospect with something real, from you, not a quick line in a lame attempt to build value. Help the prospect trust you by selling you.

Have a great new year!

~ Theo/DH

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