The Next One Is A Sale

SellingI went to my usual store to by a specific product. However, all the sales reps were busy. A bit surprised by this as I had gotten there early, I inquired on the wait time. When customer service said they didn’t know, I walked out.

I was a buyer. I was coming in to spend money. It was a done deal, but no one answered my call. I went to a competitor.

That’s the lesson – the next one is a deal. As sales professionals, we can quickly get discouraged by a string of disappointments. We grow impatient and start behaving like a rookie, or we get aggressive and annoying.

When disappointment festers bad habits develop. Maybe we start thinking we can somehow cherry pick the leads, rather than work every last lead to the end. We cut corners, growing more and more impatient.

While we want to be careful that we spend our time efficiently, we need to keep knocking on doors, picking up phones, sending out emails because the next call is coming, the sun will rise, and you don’t want to miss it.

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