The Moment of the Sale

Sales TipsI was in my local bank. I was being helped by the manager for a standard transaction. However, another teller had a question. She leaned over and whispered to the manager. To my surprise, the manager stopped helping me to help her.  The manager didn’t say, “Excuse me, I need to help this teller for a moment,” or even acknowledge that she was being rude or neglectful to me.

Yes – the manager of the bank – the bank that holds my money – stopped to help another teller who was trying to help a teenager, with no money, and no actual bank account. Nothing against the kid, but this manager lost focus. This manager was not IN THE MOMENT with me.

We can do the same thing in sales. We lose focus on the person directly in front of us. Perhaps were trying to multitask. Or, because we’ve already sized up our prospect, we think we know where things are headed so we rush it, and quickly move things along.

As sales professionals we owe it to our customers, our company, and ourselves to be present and IN THE MOMENT with every customer we engage with. Every customer is different and we need to take the time to ASK questions, LISTEN, and PROCESS what they are saying so that we can provide the best service and close sales.

If we lose focus on the customer whether by helping another, multitasking, rushing, or negative thinking or worse, we risk the sale. If we get to a point where we think nothing will come of the prospect we’re working with, we risk the sale. If we get to the point where even quip, “It’s another dead-end,” or some other negative self-talk, we risk the sale.  In all of this, we risk the sale.

So, looking back at my bank experience as the customer, I gained some valuable perspective. I didn’t like the way I felt being ignored, and it irked me enough to write this post. I don’t feel like a valued customer, and I question why I do business with that bank.

What will I do with a bank that’s lost it’s focus on me? Will I continue to work with them? All banks provide the same basic services…I like to do business with the ones that value my business and make me feel special when I work with them.

Stay focused! Stay IN THE MOMENT!

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