Sales Tips – Question The Questions

In sales we often get asked the same question over and over again by our prospects. Because of this we tend to develop “canned” replies. This creates a situation where we are not really answering the prospect, but instead regurgitating information. This is dangerous to our sales success.

Canned responses risk derailing a sales presentation or conversation. While we may have heard a particular question before – we have NOT from the prospect we are speaking to. Many prospects have different motivations for asking a question. They could be looking for specific information, kicking the tires, probing, or simply asking an obvious question.

So how do we take questions and turn them into an opportunity to close?

The answer is by asking questions back. Answer a question with a question. This will allow you to determine exactly what information the customer is looking for so that your reply is relevant to their needs. This way we ensure we avoid irrelevant information and focus on closing the sale.

Here are a few techniques that may help:

  • Do you have any flexibility on price? Answer with – Are you looking to purchase today?
  • Why is it so expensive? – Answer with – Have you bought product xyz before?

By gathering details with questions we can guide the conversation, not get derailed, better help the prospect, and then close the sale.

We hope this helps!



  1. Vanessa says:

    Smart post Theo!

    I love questions. In sales and in life they prove to be very beneficial.

    As you said, not only will you get answers to the real concern of your prospect, but you also can direct the conversation!

  2. Sales Grail Team says:

    Thanks Vanessa!

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