Sales Tips – Discount is Not A Dirty Word

discount1.jpgHere’s a sales tip that will help you respond better to the all-too-familiar question – can I get a discount? The natural response may be to inquire as to the buyer’s price expectations (e.g., what did you have in mind or what price works for you?) The reality is that if you want to keep control of the sale and make more money – you will always offer a discount (provided you’re being asked to, of course).

This is an old, but important sales technique. Essentially you want to set the stage to make the customer feel like you are going out of your way to help them. So if you have the ability to discount up to say 15% tell the customer that you’ll work to see if you can save them 10%, or perhaps 15%, provided they purchase immediately. Ask them how that works and then WAIT for a response.

If you just ask for their price expectations you risk losing control of the sale. Your client may request a 60% discount. Your offer of 10% to 15% doesn’t look like much help at all now and you end up haggling to meet in the middle. You’ll lose time and money this way!

Keep control of the sales negotiation process from the start.


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