Sales Tips: 5 Common Selling Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

We often talk about sales tips and techniques from the perspective of best practices. However, it’s beneficial sales training to look at what not to do. We all do the following from time to time. There is no need to get down on ourselves. The trick is to learn how to avoid these mistakes and watch our sales skyrocket. The following 5 mistakes are important to watch out for.

1) Making Assumptions: sometimes we think a prospect isn’t willing or ready to buy. Maybe due to their expression, mood, or hesitation. Instead of asking for clarification and asking questions to sniff out objections, we start to lead the conversation away from an actual sale and provide an out. Many time we put words in the prospect’s mouth by offering answers to our own questions. It goes something like this: Prospect hesitates, instead of waiting for a response, the sales person answers the question he just asked, and then plods on with additional benefits, and suggests that the prospect think it over. The fix: get comfortable with silence. Ask a question and wait for the prospect to answer. This can be hard to learn, but it will help us sell more.

2) Not Asking For The Sale: one of the best sales tips is to simply ask for it; yet so many sales professionals forget this. Too many sales professionals get into “customer service mode.” They answer all kinds of kinds and are very informative, but they do not ask – it’s mind boggling! They lose control of the conversation, or get hung up trying to extol features and benefits that may or may not be a direct interest to the prospect. The fix: build the ask into every sales presentation. Find their pain. Solve their pain. Close the deal.

3) Over Promising, Under Delivering: many of us, especially in our eager moments, tend to stretch the truth about the benefits of our products or our services. We might offer an outside-the-box service or add-on. We want to paint a picture of perfection and make the buyer feel like we’re doing something special for them because we think it’s necessary in order to close the sale. It’s not. A great product or service presented with enthusiasm, professionalism, and targeted to solve the customer’s problem will win the day.

4) No Follow Up: you won’t sell to everyone on the spot. Depending on your sales area, it could take days/weeks/months/years. Follow up is easy, and critical to building relationships, trust, and closing more sales. I recall selling an item (that can be sold instantly) to a gentleman 2 years after we first met. Although he stated he was not interested. I reached out to him every few months during those 2 years (never heard a word). Yet, when the time came, he called me.

5) Sales Training: sales training is ongoing. Training seminars, audio series, and sales books are all great, but we can’t stop there. These tools are wonderful, and they can make us feel great, like “yes, I got this!” This is good, but there is always more to learn, and put into practice.

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By Theo/DH

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