Sales Skills – You Have 30 Seconds – Go!

sales-skills-trainingIn a high volume sales environment, certain sales skills must be second nature. We all know it’s important to smile and be upbeat; however, what you say and how you say it in the first 30 seconds will set the framework for the entire sales presentation…

Recently, I was assisting in a sales training workshop with some new sales professionals. One of their struggles was how to maximize offers from their customers. I quickly realized that most of them were jumping right to “price.” In other words, at the first sign of a price objection or hesitation, they fell into the price negotiation trap.

To address this, we developed a sales presentation model for them to use in the first 30 seconds that shifts the focus to establishing value. While this will be product specific given your industry, asking questions and understanding your customer’s needs redirects the conversation, taking the focus off price. If price “has” to be addressed, set up a scenario whereby the sales representative is in control and becomes the customer advocate (e.g., I “may” be able to help some. If I can save you $X, can you purchase immediately?)

The sales skills developed during this brief training session were put into action only moments after. One trainee was able to increase his margin by 30% on his first call compared to his old sales techniques. 30%! That’s 30% more money in his wallet!

Stay off price. Be your customer’s advocate. Focus on the value of your product as it relates to solving your customer’s pain. Develop these basic sales skills and you’ll see a significant jump in your paycheck.

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