Sales Techniques – Do You Know Your Own Weaknesses?

The other day I had a sales training session with one of the new reps on our team. I always use these opportunities as a chance to review my own sales skills. I went over the basics – how our CRM works, how to manage leads and calls…etc. I was also taking sales calls while he sat with me so he could see how to input data and how to handle inbound calls in general.

One particular call came in that went perfectly. I overcame some difficult objections and closed the sale. After the call was done he said “I need to work on that.” I asked what he meant specifically and his reply impressed me. He told me that in his last job (where he was a top performer) they held very firm to strict pricing guidelines and it was basically a take it or leave it proposition for the customer. Obviously he sold the customer on the value of buying from his company, but his point of view was that he was defending the company pricing and position. He very quickly identified that we approach the customer as an advocate in the sales process and try to work with them on finding the right product and pricing.

His prior rigid sales approach was creating issues for him. He was not able to effectively present pricing and overcome objections. I was impressed that he was so easily able to identify the specific issue he was having in one sales training session. I have no doubt that he will quickly adjust and be very successful on our team.

Now, what about my own weaknesses? How can I work to identify and improve my sales skills and techniques? Too many sales people get depressed about their poor results; yet, they keep doing the same thing every month and wonder why they are failing. It would seem obvious that sales training is needed, but few are willing to actually face their own bad habits and weaknesses.

Take some time to analyze what you do and look for areas where you can make changes and improvements. Look at each step of the sales process from prospecting to post sales follow up. Get honest with yourself. Look at weaknesses as an “opportunity” to learn so you can overcome the challenges that are costing you money.

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