The Fine Art of Sales Negotiation Skills

You can learn and develop great sales negotiation skills. With a little sales training you can use specific sales skills to overcome objections more easily and create the trust that is so desperately needed during negotiations. How does one do this? One extremely effective sales technique – Empathy!

Empathy is not to be confused with sympathy. The difference is this. If your buddy is about to jump off a bridge and you have sympathy, you’ll likely join him. With empathy, you’ll certainly understand your buddies difficulties, but will recommend an alternative method of dealing with his pain.

When you’re negotiating sales, prospects will have objections. Sometimes they’ll have quite a list and take out their frustrations on you. With empathy, you can appreciate their struggles and validate their concerns. When you apply empathy, your prospect feels like you understand them and that your on their side. Hopefully you actually do understand – as you should – for to be a truly effective negotiator, you need to understand both sides. In this way, you can position yourself to close.

Without empathy, you’ll bang your head against the wall trying to force “just” your point. If you have not validated your prospect’s concerns, they will not listen to you and get defensive, no matter how effective your sales presentation. Listen to and affirm your prospects point. They’ll appreciate you for it. Empathy does not, as many think, undermine your product or service. You can use your prospect’s pain points to highlight your product or service.

Example – “Yes, I understand money is tight;  however, based on what you’ve told me, I think the savings from our product will provide your business the much needed boost you need in just a few short months…”

You get the point…

Sales negotiation skills do not come naturally – so don’t feel bad. They must be practiced, repeatedly. Fortunately, empathy can be practiced in a variety of contexts (family, friends, associates) so you’ll have lots of opportunities for sales training. Keep a notepad handy if necessary to jot down notes. With the numerous opportunities to practice, you’ll pick it up pretty quick.

– SalesGrail Team

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