Sales Articles

Sales motivation is an all too often neglected part of sales training. Many assume that you’re either motivated or your not. To a degree this is true; however, there are sales techniques that can help with sales motivation. There are skills that can be developed and awakened. By finding what techniques work best you, you can tap into your hidden talents and strengths. At the same time, there are bad habits which can destroy a sales person’s chance at a fruitful sales career – these can be avoided and replaced with sales tips that will get you on a winning track.

The following articles highlight some of the most important components of good selling. We’ll look at a variety of sales techniques, negotiation strategies, telephone sales skills, and basic sales tips. As always, we welcome your comments on our articles and materials and you’re welcome to use them – please be nice and link back to us if you do to. We wish you success on your journey to a profitable and happy sales career.

Sales Techniques
You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting someone talking about the latest and greatest sales techniques. While it’s important to stay abreast of sales techniques, it’s the proper application of them that closes the sale. The following articles will help you on your way…

Sales Techniques – Why Persistence Matters

Sales Techniques – Do You Know Your Own Weaknesses?

Sales Negotiation Skills
We all like to think that we naturally posses killer sales negotiation skills. We think we’re savvy, sharp, and quick-minded to really make a great sales career. Indeed, many of us have these sales skills. However, in real life, during real sales negotiations that matter, unless we’re well-practiced, we’ll make serious and costly blunders. Following are some fantastic articles that will help keep more money in your pocket…

Sales Negotiation Skills – Tips to NOT Lose Money

The Fine Art of Sales Negotiation Skills