Just Following Up

Sales TipsAs a salesperson, have you listened to yourself lately? Do you know how you sound on the telephone and to your customers? As sales people, we tend to fall into patterns of language that may make sense to us, but do little to move a sale forward or entice a prospect to buy.

By way of example, the voice mail that says, ” Hi Bill, just following up on our conversation,” doesn’t close sales. It shows that, one, the sales representative did not leave off with an actionable next step on the first sales presentation, and two, it does not inspire or trigger an action.

An alternative voice mail would be, “Hi Bill, I have some additional information for you in regards to what we discussed. I’m sorry I missed you, I’ll try you again at 3:00pm today.” This voice mail entices the buyer with something NEW, as well as takes control to move the sale forward by setting a specific next step.

We’re not trying to focus on telephone sales, although this is always important. Rather, our language patterns can hurt us or they can help us. Break out of the common sales language (see the video below – very funny), and you’ll start selling more because it will force you to take charge of the sales process, as well as to use your words to trigger, entice, and engage the buyer so you can sell more.

Enjoy the video.


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