How To Adopt A Winning Mindset

Sales TipsIn sales we can quickly become average. We settle into a groove just enough to hit our goals. Or we’re frantically playing catch up at the end of the month to hit our sales numbers. Why do we do this? In the video below, Seth Godin forces the question, “Are you mediocre?” In other words, are you just an average sales guy? Yes – you probably are.

Even the most well-meaning sales professionals fall prey to the pull of average – of just getting by. We get into a routine. We start dressing, even speaking, like the other average sales people. We use the same average sales presentation. We send the same average deck. We use the same average canned email response. We leave the same average voice mail.

Yet, as Seth reminds us, we’d never go to an average restaurant. We’d never hire an average employee. We want the best. But why don’t we want the best for ourselves?

The answer to this requires covering a broad range of physical and mental disciplines. In brief, think about our physical bodies – are we doing what’s best for them? Or do we continue the same average patterns of the average American? Have we considered bettering our minds through reading, sales training, or seeking a mentorship? Or do we do what the average guy does and tinker around on Facebook?

How often are you distracted while you are selling? Are you connecting with each and every customer? Are you present and engaged? Probably not. These questions are not meant to demoralize us. They’re to get us thinking.

To adopt a winning mindset, we have to want to be winners. We have to want to rise above average. To do this, we have to be willing to get uncomfortable. We have to try new things. We have to stretch and put our egos aside. To get an idea of this, consider shifting your desk around. Take a few minutes to craft some interesting/intriguing emails. Dress differently – take your shoes off – try something different to get the creative juices flowing.

Do this for you. You have to grab it. Find what works for you and make it your own so that people will remember you. They’ll recommend you. They’ll want to do business with you if you’re genuine, different, and help them with their needs.

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