Holiday Selling Tips

Sales TipsEveryone loves to buy during the holidays.  Once folks start spending, they keep going. It’s a psychological “what the heck” phenomenon. So why not adjust your sales techniques to maximize your sales this holiday season.

Here are a few simple sales strategies to always keep in mind – but especially during the holidays:

Be Organized: holidays come quick and there are less sales days so schedule your activities to ensure you are engaging with customers as quickly as possible.  Follow up, follow up, follow up.

Have a Plan: take a few moments to make sure you get the most out of your engagement via phone or email. In other words, don’t wing it. Know when you can close the sale and schedule targeted follow up calls. Knowing where the holidays fall allows you to be strategic in your outreach.

Try Something New: use the holidays to your advantage and work on new value statements and closing techniques. The simple busyness and pressure of the holidays allows us to easily set up the ask and seek the close before the holiday rush.

Set the Expectation: when engaging with your customers ensure that they are clear on the next steps with the timeline to complete purchase. While the holidays are a great time to sell, your prospect will be busy and distracted. Stay focused. Keep them focused.

Let us know your thoughts and have a great holiday season!

~ DH/Theo


  1. If i talk from a designer’s point of view, a visual seems missing. A good post overall.

  2. Sales Grail Team says:

    Thanks Tanvir. Great point. In a sales presentation, whether you show an actual image or create a mental image, it’s vital to helping folks take ownership, as well as to recognize the value of your product and/or service.

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