Sales Tips – Shut Up!

Sales TipsAfter you ask for the sale – SHUT UP! Don’t say anything! For the love of God wait for the prospect to respond! This sales tip sounds easy enough, but so many of us fail. Yet, it’s so simple and such an effective sales technique. Instead of asking “Would you like to buy it [Period]?” we add…”or”…? We’ll make a follow up call and say “are you still interested…or…has this fallen off your radar.” This is killing your sales!…

This is not (as some falsely assume) a pressure or aggressive sales tactic. It simply allows the prospect the time needed to answer the question without any prompting or direction from you. The prospect’s natural answer is the one you want. If it’s no – that’s OK. You can move on or ask “why” to see if you can persuade him otherwise. If it’s yes – and you’ll be surprised how often it is when you let them just answer – then great! If it’s “still on the radar” – great! Get any objections out in the open and ask for the specific time frame – “Should I follow up with you Monday early afternoon or is Tuesday morning better?”

If you’re in the habit of filling in the silent space between the question and the answer – break it! Do whatever you have to. Have your colleagues listen to you and shoot an elastic at your head if necessary! Be confident in your product, diligent in your investigation of your prospect’s needs, and then simply ask the question and wait for the answer.

By Theo


  1. Loved your article on sales. I am also from sales profile and totally agree with your article.

    Sales as a career has some fantastic rewards but is not an easy ride. It is a role where you will get out as much as you put in and where you have direct influence over your career progression and salary. Depending on what sort of skill you are having and which skill need to be enhanced.

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