Are You Selling On Autopilot?

selling-on-autopilotWhen you sell the same product for years you can sometimes end up selling on autopilot. You go through the motions. When this happens, buying signals from your prospect are missed. Basic sales techniques are skipped. There can also be some laziness involved. You delay replying to a lead, or fail to follow up. You’ve lost some drive. You’ve lost focus.

Sales is work. Regardless of techniques, the mental gymnastics of sales negotiations and persuasion can deplete our energy reserves. As sales professionals, as leaders leading people to a decision, we need to keep ourselves in good shape – mentally, physically, and spiritually. Plus, we need to watch our numbers for any signs of slippage.

If you find yourself, for example, getting annoyed at your prospects, it’s a sign that you’re emotionally spent. Exercise, meditation, prayer, and positive time off can help us recharge, refocus, and get back on track. This is not pie in the sky stuff. We need to fill ourselves up to ensure that we’re selling out of a “charged” state versus a “depleted” state.

If we don’t notice, or are not that tuned into our emotional side, we can look to the data to help. While different sales environments have very different metrics to monitor, here are some common areas that can keep you from slipping into autopilot mode.

  • Keep an eye on the number of customers you talk to in a day
  • Track the number of presentations you give
  • How many emails are you sending or replying to in a day (Should you be calling instead? This alone can help increase close rates)
  • How often are you distracted at your desk (Facebook, Twitter, or other sites)
  • How’s your tone of voice and attitude?
  • How often do you socialize with others when you should be in the sales zone?
  • Are you recharging your batteries in a healthy way?

These are just a few things to watch out for. Take care of yourself. Watch the data. These two factors will help keep you focused, happy, and selling.

What are your thoughts?


  1. Ian Adams says:

    Sales is work. You said it right there Theo. All the tips, techniques and strategies do not replace hard work. But they certainly can improve sales conversion.


  2. Sales Grail Team says:

    Thanks for your comment, Ian! Indeed, can’t forget about boosting sales conversions!

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