3 Sales Tips For Getting Out Of A Slump

Sales TrainingIf you are having a bad day, bad week, bad month – how do you ask for help to improve your sales performance?. Do you go to your sales manager? Do you go to the top salesperson? There are three things that I like to do when looking to climb out of a slump.

One: I will go to the top salesperson and observe for a while. I’ll watch and listen to see what sales strategies they are implementing and try to pick up anything that I can learn and apply to my own sales techniques.

Two: I also like to go to the bottom and observe the salespeople that are struggling. I look for weaknesses (anything from attitude, to proper follow up). I also look for things that could be done better.

Three: An often overlooked technique in sales environments is offering to help. I offer to help a struggling salesperson. I will share my observations and try to teach/train them on ways to improve. I find that doing this helps solidify good habits in myself, and helps to get my focus back on sales success.

Now what about if you are the one being given advice/training? How do you handle the tips you are being shown? Many salespeople are quick to disregard sales advice and go back to their customary habits.

It is important to always be learning and improving in sales. There should never be a “comfort zone” in selling. You should always be challenging yourself and trying new techniques to improve your sales. So that means giving any advice an honest shot. There’s not much to lose if you’re already struggling to hit the numbers.

Asking for help and being available to help others are important keys to being a successful salesperson. Others can see something you are not able to see and their advice might just be able to get you over the hump. Be open to sales advice. It can catapult your career.

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