Top 3 Sales Techniques To Drive More Sales

sales-training-skillsAre you struggling in your sales career? Do you wonder why other sales professionals outperform you? If these questions haunt you, the following sales techniques and negotiation strategies will catapult you to the head of the class. This will take work – sales training – just like getting in shape with exercise requires hard work, but the rewards are phenomenal…

To start, you’ll want to approach your sales training from two different angles. The first is self evaluation. Working to identify areas of weakness is a step few ever take. This alone will help you leap ahead, as you will naturally start to avoid bad habits and find alternative sales techniques. The second step is monitoring and evaluating your peers. Studying other sales professionals will keep you challenged and less complacent.

When you evaluate your current sales approach, there are three main areas to consider:

1. How much and when are you working?
2. How organized are you in all aspects of your job?
3. What type of attitude do you bring to your job every day?

Number One: many of us simply work harder rather than smarter. All this does is spin us in circles until we eventually burn out. We must prioritize our duties and prospects to maximize time – we need to do things differently – shake things up. Have you been using the same sales techniques for the last two years? If so, it isn’t realistic to expect better results than you are currently getting. So, evaluate what you do every month/quarter and make adjustments. Even small changes will keep you fresh. A time saving tip – while you want to always provide great customer service to all your prospects, it’s the top 20% that get you to your goals – the 80/20 rule. Find and focus on these prospects. Give them some extra attention and your monthly number will increase.

Number Two: how organized are you in your daily sales activities? Without effective organization we lose sales. We want to track what we do, when we do it. It’s important not go overboard with this, but to find ways to get more done in less time. Here is where your peers will be extremely helpful. Study the most successful sales people in your office and work to integrate their sales strategies and negotiation skills to your style and processes. What are the top earners doing or not doing? Do they work more or less than you? Most times you will find that true sales professionals do three things consistently- they work very hard, at the right times, with the right prospects. Make the necessary adjustments in your own work schedule to model what they do. Your co-workers can be your greatest source for sales training – free!

Number Three: while there are a lot of important sales techniques, a positive, motivated, determined attitude will launch your sales career in directions you never thought possible. There are many different strategies that sales people apply in this area such as motivational quotes, inspirational videos, or laughter. Others will reflect internally and then move past any negative emotions so they can get back in the game. A sales mentor can be critical to keep you energized as well. A very popular and growing alternative is to join a sales group online and get involved in the discussions. Just remember that, left unchecked, negativity will bury you.

Finally, the frustration that you’re feeling in your sales career can be harnessed for good. Honest evaluation of your own sales techniques and skills is vital – you need to know your weaknesses. Stick with the winners, and identify the sales techniques that the top sales people use and make them your own. Ask them for advice. Most will be more than happy to share their sales skills, tips, and techniques. You’ll learn more doing this than attending expensive sales training seminars, and it’s much more targeted advice for your business.

What are some of your Sales Training ideas?

By DH, Theo

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