The Best Sales Technique – Is Usually Ignored

sales-techniques-ask-for-itAs surprising at it sounds, studies show that as many as 60% of the time when a prospect and a sales person are interacting, the sale person does not ask for the sale. This number is as high as 80% in some retail industries. The reasons for these extraordinarily high percentages are numerous: fear, lack of sales training, assumptions on the part of the sales representative…etc. The cure, however, may surprise you.

If you’re thinking the cure is to “just ask for it,” you’re right, but here’s why. In sales training courses, we often focus on weaknesses, improving certain sales techniques, and general sales skills. The trouble with this is that, try as we might, the methods usually don’t “sink in.” They don’t stick. The reason they don’t stick is that there is no context. So – put the best sales technique in context.

At your next sales encounter, if you don’t do anything right in your entire sales presentation, do make sure you ask for it. In this way, you will very quickly realize when you’ve failed to build value (as the customer balks at the price). You’ll see their skepticism when you haven’t taken the time to build trust. You’ll hear any number of objections that you’re ill-equipped to answer. As you stumble your way through, consider this sales training by fire.

No matter what you think or what the prospect says, end the conversation by asking for the sale. Would you like to put that on a credit card or pay cash? Would you like this shipped to your home or business. How many would you like to purchase?

You have little to lose by asking for it and so much to learn/earn.

Are you asking for the sale? If so, how? What methods work for you? Share your thoughts with us!

By Theo

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