Stop Selling Backwards

Sales TipsWe stumbled across a great TED Talk from Simon Sinek. He highlights the success of great leaders and companies in a radically simple way. Although not a sales training video, it’s packed with incredible sales tips and techniques that can catapult our sales. In short, the parallels for us sales pros were clear (see short video below). You see, we’re selling backwards. We’re starting our sales presentations in the wrong place.

Sinek outlines what he calls the Golden Circle – which he illustrates with three concentric rings. In the center is Why, the middle ring is How, and the outer ring is What. He argues that we need to move from the center out – not the outside in.

The Why is our belief, our passion – it’s why we do what we do.Too many sales people and companies skip this. The How is how it helps our customer or meets their needs. The What is our product – it’s features and benefits.

What Sinek points out is that we often start from the outside ring (the What). We say look what our product is and does, zeroing in on features and benefits. Then we’ll move to the how – how it can help them, and how great it’s worked for so and so. And then we’ll ask if they want to buy our What (our product). The problem with this approach is that it does not trigger the biological impulses to make a buy decision.

Think of it this way, if I said, “Hey, check out this awesome widget! It does this and that. Look how great it works! Do you want to buy it?” I might make a sale or two, but I won’t strike the core.

But what if I said, “Hey, do you want to change your life forever, feel empowered, take control, and have the freedom to achieve your dreams? Yeah? Great! Check out how we do this with this amazing widget. Yeah – that’s what this widget does! Would you like to purchase one?

We need flip our sales presentations around and show prospects our “why” (our core beliefs). That’ll peak their curiosity and allow us to close the deal with all our “how” skills and “what” knowledge.

Check out the video below – it’s well worth it – and let us know your thoughts.

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