Shady Sales Techniques Offends Prospect

sales-training-skills_0Have you noticed the plethora of sales and marketing techniques that attempt to come off as personal but are really just auto-generated? It may be an automated personal phone message from a CEO, or a letter using computer-generated font made to look like real handwriting. More and more companies are resorting to these types of sales techniques. What effect do you think sales tricks have on prospects?

I received some marketing materials from a company recently. It was one of those fake handwritten letters. It was very well done. I had to look twice to realize it was not actually written by a human. It even had a “Thanks!” scribbled in the corner of the envelope to add more of a personal touch. Inside was a letter with my name (auto handwritten) along with computer-generated yellow highlights within the text of the features and benefits they were offering.

Clearly the intent of their sales techniques were to get me to open their envelope, and then be impressed enough by their product to act. In reality, I was offended by their shady attempt at being personal. While a topic for another post, I think companies resort to these sales techniques because they lack basic sales skills – even fewer have any understanding of good marketing. That said, I’m all for using technology to drive more sales, but we need to keep it real.

Had this company simply engaged me with some good marketing copy and made it clear that A) their product will fix my pain, and, B) that they wanted my business and asked for it, rather than the tacky fake yellow highlights and computer-generated handwriting, I may have given them an opportunity. Instead their marketing materials (and all the time and effort that when into generating them) ended up in my recycling.

What Sale Techniques do you find less than professional?

By Theo

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