Sales Techniques – Why Peristence Matters

While we often want to use sales techniques that are quick and easy, persistence is a critical and all too often forgotten sales skill. The frustrating part of it, of course, is that we often don’t know when the pay off is – we have to learn to trust the sales process.

In other words, some days, weeks, months we’re grinding away on our sales pipeline and it feels as if we’re getting nowhere. Prospects aren’t calling us back, they ignore repeated emails, or they just keep slipping through our fingers. It’s helpful to remember that this is sales. It’s the natural progression to success, although it may not feel like it. So, while it’s great to learn new sales techniques, we need to keep chugging along.

To illustrate, years ago I was selling auto service at a high-line dealership. One of the services we offered was on-site dent repair. It was fast, easy, and cheap. I was a believer in the service and offered it to every client who needed it. One particular gentleman with a glaring dent in an otherwise flawless vehicle kept saying no. Over the course of two years he said no nine times. It got to be an inside joke between the two of us; however, I sold him on the tenth try, which also happened to put me into my accelerator percentage – no joke.

You just never know when your payday is going to come. The following short video from Zig Ziglar has a great visual as to why persistence is such an important sales technique.

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By Theo


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