Sales Techniques – What Message Are You Sending?

confusing-sales-presentationHave you ever been completely confused about what someone is selling? It seems that many folks either over-think or under-think their sales techniques. I came across two lawn signs recently. One was advertising landscaping services, the other daycare.

The landscaping sign displayed “Joe’s Landscaping” in a hard-to-read font. The image showed a truck (apparently Joe’s truck) and a phone number. That’s it. The second sign was just as disturbing to discerning sales professionals. It stated “Happy Hour Day Care.” I get the intent (who the heck doesn’t want kids to be happy), but really? “Happy Hour?” Do those in charge have a few drinks while watching my toddler? I was amazed at how twisted both messages were.

In terms of sales techniques, if you’re sales presentation (no matter where it is – boardroom or front lawn) does not send the correct message immediately, you’ve set yourself up for a battle.

Here’s the sales pitch I got from Joe the landscaper’s message: “Hey, check out my truck! If you hire me my shiny vehicle will grace your curb once a week!” The daycare folks just had me shaking my head. Why would a daycare center include a saloon slogan when selling child services? Why not Happy Times Day Care – Safety Care – anything…etc? Why risk the all important trust factor with a booze reference (especially when their trying to buy children).

Some questions for us sales people: How often do we endanger our sales success with risky sales phrases or clichés, rather than honesty and facts? How often do we quickly throw a sales presentation together and miss the mark? Or, perhaps we go the other way and get so detailed we lose the client?

One can spout off one sales technique after another, but without the correct message being delivered to your prospects, you’ll find yourself struggling unnecessarily. Take the time to hone your message wherever it reaches the consumer. Consider this sales training, but whether it’s an email introduction, a newsletter, commercial, marketing materials, phone call, or a stupid lawn sign, get the presentation right. You’ll sell more, more frequently.

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By Theo/DH

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