Sales Techniques That Close Sales

sales-techniques-closeSo you’ve reached your prospect, great! The next set of sales techniques require us to move toward a call to action. In other words, you want to steer your prospect through the sales process. Too often we send a price quote, proposal, or outline without specific “next steps” attached…

If we’re on the phone, we say “great, let me know what you think,” or, if we’re using email, we write “I look forward to your thoughts,” or some other lackluster call to action. Instead, let’s look at some sales techniques that drive the process forward.

Telephone sales techniques have suffered thanks to our reliance on email. So make sure you practice some calls to action. You’ll want to actually speak the words out loud to yourself, a friend, a co-worker. For example, when you’re ending a conversation and setting up next steps, ask:

Would it be okay to follow up with you at this time next week?

If I call you on Thursday, will that give you enough time to review the proposal?

If using email, you can simply write these calls to action. Next steps are critical to your sales success. They subtly encourage your prospect to take action without a lot of pressure.

Importantly, your call to action should always be the natural next step. Avoid overstepping boundaries too early. In others words, just because a prospect connected with you on LinkedIn doesn’t mean that you can send them an elaborate proposal. You may need to build to this. When in doubt, common sense and courtesy will dictate which sales techniques to apply.

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