Sales Techniques – Setting The Sales Environment

sales_techniques_trainingOne of the simplest sales techniques, and often the most fun, is creating a sales environment for yourself. Whether you sell from a cube or a corner office, you want to create an atmosphere that keeps you motivated and positive.

Take a look at your co-workers and see what they do. You’ll find inspirational quotes, posters, pictures, plants, and all kinds of things that work for them.

One sales buddy of mine has a picture of a toilet flushing so he can remind himself that some deals just go bad – there’s nothing you can do about it, but chuckle and move on.

Personally, I like to sell on my feet – I think better when I’m moving. To achieve this, I use a head set that allows me to keep my hands free so I can pace, use my white board, computer, take notes…etc.

Attitude is so important to successful sales techniques. Create a sales zone for yourself and don’t be afraid to change things up. Try new things, turn your desk around, use your left ear instead of your right when talking on the phone – find what works for you.

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