Sales Techniques – How Important Is Response Time?

There are lots of sales techniques that talk about negotiation strategies, building value, and closing the sale. These are all important and should be incorporated into sales training activities to sharpen our sales skills. That said, the speed at which we respond to an inquiry has a dramatic impact on our close rates. Put another way, the speed at which we respond to a phone or email inquiry…

…directly effects how much we sell. By way of example, I recently called and/or emailed several service companies to fix my broken dryer. Out of the four that I reached out to, only one called me back within an hour. All the others eventually called back, but the one that called back first got the sale. Think about that for a second. Our chances of closing a sale increases exponentially with speed of response. Our chances of losing a sale increases exponentially with delay. Regardless of sales techniques or one’s sales skills, speed makes a big difference.

Most of us know this intuitively. If we understand basic sales techniques, identify the prospects pain, and show how our product can solve their pain, adding speed only clinches the deal. Speed has additional benefits as well. Fast, efficient response to an inquiry sets the tone that the customer will have with our business. They will assume that our product or service will also have the same traits they experienced with us regarding their inquiry.

If we wow them with a speedy reply and great service we’re already halfway home to having a completely satisfied customer. Moreover, speed shows respect to the prospect, and garners trust – both vital to close sales. It also trumps the competition, allowing you to meet their needs first.

What do you think? In terms of sales techniques, how important is speed?

By Theo/DH

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