Sales Techniques – Give Them What They Want

sales-techniques-tips-scratchI recently encountered an interesting sales scenario with a company I was looking to hire. I requested an estimate on two specific services. During our very pleasant conversation, the sales representative suggested an upsell. I agreed and asked for an estimate for the additional work. Two days later I got an estimate just for the upsell, with the assurance that they’d get back to me regarding the remaining prices.

They didn’t know it, but the sale was lost immediately. They committed a major sales sin – they didn’t give me what “I” wanted. They didn’t solve or focus on “my” primary pain. Instead, they proceeded on a path that best suited “them.”

As surprising as this is, it occurs often. As sales representatives under pressure we can easily get caught up in what we want. Resist this temptation and re-frame what you want by giving your clients what they want. In other words, if you want to sell X, Y, and Z, make damn sure they all relate to your prospect’s primary pain.

Solve their pain and you’ll sell. Scratch their itch and you’ll sell. Address their needs and you’ll sell. Make it all about them and the money will flow to you.

By Theo

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