Sales Techniques – Follow Up!

sales_follow_up.jpgYou worked so hard to get through to your prospect. You had them on the phone and just had a great conversation. Unfortunately, you didn’t close the sale. Your prospect said: “I have to talk to the board….” or, “Let me think about it….” We have heard this before, but what do we do next? What Sales Techniques work best?

When we realize we aren’t going to close the deal today, how do we effectively follow up with the prospect? Sometimes after a hard battle of sales negotiations we lose focus. If you say “Let me know” or “I’ll wait to hear back from you” you just guaranteed your demise.

What can you do to make the next step work for you? Have a plan! Have a definitive reason and time to follow up. If the prospect has to talk to the board, find out when that will occur. Agree on a follow up date and time that you will be able to close the sale. Tell the prospect when to expect your call and suggest they contact you if they are ready before then.

Don’t try to wing this portion your sale! Have your “Follow Up” plan ready at all times. Speak with confidence and be positive. Write a script if you have to. You will close more sales!


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