Sales Techniques – Capture Lost Sales

sales-skills-techniquesI recently purchased an item from a popular online store. However, the unit was defective so I called to have it replaced. The customer service department was fantastic except they had no sales techniques. This was evidenced as during the process of securing a replacement, I changed my mind and asked for a refund. My representative was caught off guard and simply acquiesced. How could she have turned this back into a sale?

What surprised me is that she did nothing to help me change my mind. I had already spent a few hundred dollars and only initially called to have it replaced. I was clearly interested in the product. It would not have taken advanced sales techniques to get me back in the game. Had she reminded me how fun the product is and how much I would enjoy the benefits, she probably could have turned the sale around.

If that didn’t work, she could have offered a modest discount for my troubles or thrown in some type of gift certificate or perk. I even told her my reason for changing my mind. They did have a higher-end model that addressed my issue, which she could have suggested, but she said nothing. Now perhaps this is an institutional problem. Perhaps the company’s departments are designed to only perform specific tasks.

Sales training is often a low priority for many companies. Yet these same companies often  tout “every one’s in sales.” While this statement has “some” truth to it, certain positions need more sales skills than others. Given that basic sales skills could have turned this sale around, a little sales training could have made the difference between profit and certain loss.

What would you do? Share your Sale Techniques!

By Theo

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