Sales Techniques – 3 Tips to Stay Sane

sales-techniques_0In today’s day and age, we work…A LOT! Especially in sales where we are constantly chasing our numbers every month, honing sales techniques, and attending sales training seminars. Most of us spend more time at work than anywhere else. We sacrifice our personal time in the hope of one day enjoying the fruits of our labor. However, in many cases we run the risk of burning out. If our personal lives are sacrificed to business pursuits for too long, the end result is fatigue, depression, and isolation. We need a plan so we can stay healthy and sane…

Here are three simple techniques to consider:

1) Uncover and then focus on the highest priorities in your life – avoid getting distracted by the trivial
2) Do not feel guilty for taking time off work – few on their deathbed have said “I wished I spent more time at work”
3) Work smarter, not harder – sale tips and techniques are meant to do this – so find those that work best in your sales process

The benefits of a healthy, balanced work life are obvious. You’ll have more time for family, friends and hobbies. These will enrich your life and give you the energy you need for a truly satisfying and rewarding sales career.


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